November 30, 2013

Forget the Words - New Song

Wrote this song over the last couple days. Still haven't decided if it's done or not. Let me know what you think.

I can't speak my peace,
not while I'm using these words.
I know I can't make it real,
but I'm sure as hell it works.

I am talking to you,
I just can't find the words.
You'll say I'm not acting real,
but let me show you how this works...

The devil's talking to me
and I'm trying not to listen.
He says he'll give them up for free--
all of the pieces that I'm missing.

He's singing, "come closer to me."
So I'm singing, "come closer to me and forget the words."

I feel, that it works
Forget the words
I feel and it works
Forget the words

November 12, 2013

It Takes Time

I've been squirming to post something lately--it's been awhile.

My school schedule is keeping me busy, so I put a hold on updating the blog for the sake of squeezing a little practice time in. I figure if I don't have the time to continue recording, I might as well write a bit here and there. It's always nice to have new stuff coming in. 

While I'm feeling overloaded with schoolwork, I'm pretty excited to graduate this year. It's been a lot of work and kept me from really leaning into music, but at the same time it's given me a chance to warm up to my plans. I've realized getting school out of the way is the most essential step to be taking in this process right now. In that, I'm feeling a lot of momentum built up that I look forward to using after graduation; I'll get back to recording, gigging, and writing--and with more time on my hands I can give more attention to each.
Until then I'll keep building the momentum, practicing between homework assignments.

Here are some of the "sketches" that have come out of the build up most recently. Thanks for listening!

I couldn't let you have my smile
'cause mother kept it for awhile
it was the grin of all my worst mistakes.

It mocked the brave so I could hide;
lips truly red even when I lied.
I guess it wanted love and that's what it takes.

I've been gone alone so long now I don't know my name
so do me a favor;
tell it to me. Does it taste like boiled blood and guilt, or shame?
Or did it lose it's flavor?
--From when I left town and took with me all the dogs you tamed
and told them the truth
that they don't have to listen when you tell them to stay,
and then I let them loose.