May 19, 2012


Well, so far my summer has been nice. I've caught up on sleep, spent some time with friends and family, and acquired a very cuddly kitten. So, things are going well. But the main goal of my summer is basically to record the shit out my songs! That being said I will now update you, dear reader, on the status of said goal.

The studio I'm using has some kinks that need to be worked out in order for me to take full advantage of it. Unfortunately, my lack of knowledge in regards to studio software and computers makes me completely reliant on others to work out those kinks. So, I'm a little worried about my plans... because if those kinks don't get worked out, I'll be severely delayed.

Nonetheless, I'm going to have a musically-geared summer--and I'm already off to a good start. Last night I made some progress with my newest "Evergreen Wolf Song" and I think it's just about finished. But, we'll see. I tightened it up and added some more build with lyrics to the end. Next, I'm going to plan its "construction" or what the final recording should sound like and stuff. I'll record a demo of what I come up with and post it for you to hear and critique. So hang tight until then. Thanks!

Also, on a less musical note (haha) here's a picture of our new kitten. I can't help but share.

May 8, 2012

Evergreen Wolf Song

Alright, here is the super rough version of the song I posted lyrics for yesterday. I kind of feel like it needs something more climactic toward the end. Or something. It just feels like it's missing something. What do you think? Not quite there?

May 7, 2012

Lyrics of Song in the Works

More/updated lyrics for the song I'm working on. I'll try to have a rough recording of it posted within the next couple of days. So, stay tuned. I've been working on these for awhile, so let me know what you think. Thanks!

If you can feel my beat
rock your ribs, my tongue and teeth
comb your winter coat

then hold your head beneath
and whisper with the earth stuck in your throat

into my withered ear
the sound of your howlin' tears
singin' softly

and I will call the moon to
tug your tide and make you high when you think of me.

Out on the outskirts
while I feigned to follow father's verse
you waited for me

and now I wait for you
up above in the seed at the edge of the limb of the evergreen

and when the forest burns
the flames will cast a killing curse
and we will finally fall

into the ash and dust
'til the spring reigns over us and we can let our roots crawl.

And I'm gone
but you've still got me
as long
as you think of me
as home
where we can carry on.

May 4, 2012

"Like Him, Like Me" Now Available on Music Page

I've held back from putting up too many songs on this blog for various reasons, but I decided that I want to put this one up. It's one of my favorite songs to play and share with people, so it just makes sense that I post it. It's called "Like Him, Like Me." It's an older song I wrote in high school--sophomore year, I think. Once I get around to recording the final version, there will be drums and bass added in. Anyway, listen and let me know what you think. And feel free to download anything on the Music page.

May 1, 2012

Studio Practice - Results

Went to the studio for a bit today to fool around with stuff and get better acquainted with ProTools. This was what came of it. Enjoy.